Our Mission

Clean air solutions since 1990 

Our goal is to design and install ergonomic systems to remove 100% of airborne workplace pollution. We strive to protect workers' health and to reduce harmful emissions into the environment. Let's all work toward a day when we can breathe clean, unpolluted air.

 Our services include the supply and expert installation of systems for vehicle exhaust fume source capture, welding fume capture, dust collection, odour containment and filtration and mist collection as well as systems for soft wall partitions which address any type of enclosure requirement. In addition, we also specialize in the service and installation of EVEC (Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Capture) systems all over Canada and the United States.


PCI Inc. offers a wide range of solutions to airborne pollution in the workplace. In addition to the variety of designs and installations below, PCI Inc. can develop custom solutions to meet specific requirements.

Dust, Mist & Welding/Cutting Fume & Wet Collection and Filtration
• Welding fume extractor arms • Source capture systems • Custom welding fabrication booths • Side draft ventilation systems • Dust & wet collectors • Fresh air supply & process heated air • Custom hood design
EVEC Systems (Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Capture)
• Sliding trolley design • Source capture removes diesel fumes from the breathing zone • Starts up upon ignition of vehicle • Magnetic tailpipe connection for ease of use and removal • Durable design to handle the abuse of everyday usage

Soft Wall Enclosures and Strip Curtain Doors
• Ventilated curtain enclosures • Electrostatic discharge curtain enclosures • Temperate controlled enclosures • Humidity controlled enclosures • Durable strip curtain doors for easy access • Sliding welding bay curtains • Ventilated wash bays
Alternate Services
• Hi-vac systems • Spray paint booths • Rooftop exhaust fans • Blow off dryer fans • Service bay exhaust reels and ventilation • Media hose reels (oil, water, compressed air, and other media) • Soundproofing • Air amplification for cooling processes • Fresh and climate-controlled make up  air systems • Preventative maintenance and service contracts for equipment
Camfil X-Flo Gold Cone Filter
New X-Flo filter with more surface area and more media
Camfil x-flo gold cone filter

Camfil filter combined flipped

Camfil filter cut away

Camfil X-Flo Collector

The new and improved design replaces the Gold Series collectors. Offering improved filtration and better air to cloth ratios to keep collector sizes to a minimum.
Our Work
Specializing in:
• Dust & Wet Collectors
• Welding Curtains
• Welding Fumes
• Mist Collection
• Vehicle Exhaust/ EVEC
• Filtration Systems
• Spray Paint Booths
• Soft Wall Enclosures
• Sales & Installation of Aeroex products (see video link below)
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Please send e-mail to dave@pci-inc.ca or call to find out more about our Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Capture (EVEC) service and installation as well as our other air pollution services.